Southwest Portland Neighborhoods

Southwest Portland Neighborhoods enjoy great access into downtown via multiple routes.  With OHSU (Oregon Health Sciences University) located just south of downtown and being the largest employer in the area, these neighborhoods offer easy access to Marquam Hill.  They also have great access to Portland State University. Being on the same side of the Willamette River as downtown Portland has its advantages.  Traffic patterns are spread out over several surface roads and there is no bridge to cross.

Southwest Portland is cheaper than NE and SE Portland by about 20%.  This area was not platted on a grid pattern due to the highly varied topography and large green spaces.  SW Portland feels more like the suburbs with many areas containing no sidewalks or curbs.  I have had clients comment on the ‘country feel’.   There are a few retail districts that mimic those of SE and NE but on a smaller scale.  This is a diverse and highly educated and affluent community, but you will not see a lot of high-end cars or mansions.  SW Portland is very grounded and earth friendly.

Multnomah Village is perhaps the most well  known neighborhood with a nice retail district at the heart.  Around the Village the streets have that ‘country’ feel, but change once you head north about a 1/2 mile and reach the Vermont Hills neighborhood.  Vermont Hills is a nice neighborhood with curbs and sidewalks and a nice collection of well-kept older homes built between 1920 and 1965.  Gabriel Park, a huge urban park with community center anchors the southern border along Vermont Ave. and SW 45th Ave.

Other notable neighborhoods include Hillsdale, Burlingame, Ash Creek, Council Crest and many more.  Bridlemile is home to Mittleman Jewish Community Center and Family Campus. Schools are very good, some areas are serviced by the Portland School District and others by the Beaverton School District.  Our city and school boundaries do not line up in many parts of Portland Metro.