Southeast Portland Neighborhoods

Southeast NeighborhoodsSome of the area’s most affordable housing can be found in North Portland, the Southeast Portland Neighborhoods are where everyone wants to live.  Small 1200 sq. ft. fixer-uppers still sell for around $350,000. while new in-fill housing (old house is torn down and new one built-in its place) has topped $900,000.  Two years ago I would have said that was impossible.  The areas around Hawthorne and Division are the most desirable with all the shops and restaurants just a few blocks away.  Division St. has become the incubator for all the new start-up restaurants drawing foodies from all over the city.  The great access into downtown is also a big plus. Median house price is about $500,000.

Neighborhoods include (but not limited to) Mt. Tabor, Hawthorne, Sellwood-Moreland, Eastmoreland, Clinton, Belmont, Ladds Addition and the parts of Laurelhurst not included in NE Portland.

The southeast area has a little bit of everything, from larger craftsman homes in Laurelhurst to smaller bungalows in Sellwood-Moreland and Tudors in Eastmoreland. Prices can run from $350,000 to over $1,000,000 in Eastmoreland and Laurelhurst.  We are seeing some new construction of attached homes where only one stood before.  Done right, these homes are pretty amazing. Portland city management is continuing to adjust the zoning to allow more density within these areas. I personally disagree with the direction they are going in, parking in the neighborhoods is becoming a serious problem.

Southeast Portland is also home to Reed College and homes in that area also cater to student renters. Southeast is somewhat more open compared to Northeast Portland with fewer tree-lined streets.