Portland Suburbs


The Portland metro area is split into quadrants. The Willamette River splits the city between east and west. Burnside Street divides the north/south border in the city and Hwy. 26 divides the north south border in the Westside Suburbs.  Downtown Portland is located on the west bank of the Willamette River. Other than North Portland, you would have either a SE, SW, NE or NW address (there is no S Portland).  Parts of NW and SW Portland are considered the Suburbs.

The city of Portland, the west hills directly above Portland, and the eastside neighborhoods contain homes built on a grid pattern between 1890 & 1950. Building in Portland began close to town and then moved outward toward the east (across the river) making the homes closest to the city  the oldest.  The condos in downtown are a mix of old warehouses that were converted to loft style condos and new buildings still under construction.

Homes for sale in the City of Portland,  include  North Portland, Southeast Portland and Northeast Portland, with most homes built before 1960. There is a definite feel of living in the city on the Eastside with many historic neighborhoods. These areas were built on a grid pattern with retail on some of the east to west streets.  These walking neighborhoods are the most written about and give Portland its’ eclectic personality.

The Westside homes for sale (includes Northwest Portland and Southwest Portland) is the area that we once called the suburbs or bedroom communities of the city of Portland. With the influx of high-tech during the 1970’s-1990, the area along Hwy 26 (Sunset Corridor) became known as the “Silicon Forest”. The demographics of the area are young and affluent. Most homes for sale on the Westside are less than 20 years old.  Happy Valley/Clackamas is a new and growing area on the eastside (outside of Portland City limits) that many consider  to be an ‘eastside suburb’ with much the same feel as the Westside suburbs.

Included are links to the official City sites for  Portland and surrounding cities that make up the suburbs. Coupled with the Map of Portland you can get a general layout of the area.