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Probably the city that started the birth of the suburbs was Beaverton. In the early 70’s companies like Tektronix, Intel and Nike planted those trees that would become the “Silicon Forest”. Today, the population is reaching 90,000 and has the traffic jams to prove it. Beaverton was the first real suburb where people could live and work in the same community. Shopping and errands could be handled during the lunch hour leaving more free time for the family. Beaverton neighborhoods are very diverse.

Light rail connects Beaverton commuters into downtown Portland and offers a great way to go shopping in the City for an afternoon. Tri Met bus service is also excellent.
Beaverton is known for its highly performing school district and innovative programs with magnet schools, such as the Science and Technology, Arts and Communications and Language Immersion. Beaverton Schools service a large part of NW Portland and the areas of Bethany and Cedar Mills.  The lines are a bit blurred north of Hwy 26 when it comes to Beaverton and Portland. Technically Portland and Multnomah County end just west of the Forest Park neighborhood.  All the land to the west was developed when high-tech and Intel put Hillsboro on the map.  This area has a mailing address of Portland but zip codes for Beaverton.  Highly desirable by young engineers, the Beaverton neighborhoods were mostly built after 1990 making the housing stock fairly new.  Prices start in the low $400s and go up from there depending on size.  There are no small homes in the area.  I consider it a bit crowded but everyone I know that lives there loves it.  There is a small amount of new construction in the $550k+ price range.

South of Hwy 26 along Murray Blvd are some of the older traditional neighborhoods of Beaverton; Cedar Hills, Hyland Hills, Forest Hills and Carolwood just to name a few.  Built in the 1970’s the home styles are old school (no great room design small master bath) but the lots are large and the tree-lined streets are plentiful.  To the west of these neighborhoods are Sexton Mtn, Cooper Mtn and many others built-in the 80s and 90s, this is where you will find some of the more affordable options.  townhouses and older condos can be found along Murray Blvd.

All the way to the south on Murray Blvd just before it hits Scholls Ferry Road is Murray Hill.  Built in the 90s on a small mountain this Beaverton neighborhood is probably one of the best.  Beautiful large homes, sidewalks and walking trails throughout with the added bonus of a Rec Center and large outdoor pool at the top.  Starting at $500k for a fixer and topping out at $1M.  The elementary school Nancy Riles is also along the top and is one of the highest rated in the state.  There are not a lot of homes for sale at any given time in this neighborhood but it is worth waiting for.

Beaverton Farmers Market

Beaverton Farmers Market

For the most part I don’t care for Aloha.  Aloha is not part of the City of Beaverton and therefore grew without a plan under the supervision of Washington County.  This flat no curb and no sidewalk area has new mixed with old, mixed with attached and some just plain junky.

Almost forgot one of the best parts!  Beaverton is home to the largest Farmers Market in the country.  Held every Saturday morning from May to October it draws several thousand shoppers looking for all the fresh or homemade goodies.  Nothing commercially produced is allowed in the market.

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